Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please consider this page as the first resource for answers to queries about applying for financial aid to the LUMS Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes


Questions by Programmes

Undergraduates - General Information
Can I apply using a Paper application?

We only accept applications submitted electronically through the LUMS Online Admissions.

How do the LUMS Online Admission Application account be created?

An online application account can be created through the LUMS website i.e.

To create an online application account with the LUMS Online Application System, you are required to have a valid email address. Please use your Yahoo or Gmail account to create your online application account. Applicants are advised to have at least two active email addresses so that in case of any problem with their email account they can still correspond with the LUMS Office of Admissions through their second address. It is advised to create only One Account for the online application submission.

If I have already applied for the Fall 2020, do I have to create new account for this year?

No, applicants who have created their accounts with the LUMS Online Admission portal within the last two years, do not need to create a new account this year. They can apply for the Fall 2021 admissions using the same account. Such applicants need to use last year's credentials, i.e. Username and Password to access their account.

Can Freshmen students begin studies at LUMS during the Spring semester?

No, admissions to LUMS takes place once a year and Freshmen are admitted to the Fall semester only.

Are there any specific quotas in admission?

There are no quotas.

How competitive is admission to the LUMS Undergraduate Programme?

Admission to the LUMS Undergraduate Programme is highly competitive and the University offers admission to only a small fraction of applicants.

Does it affect a student's chance to get into LUMS if he/she has appeared privately over a regular student?

No, applicants are evaluated on their academic grades regardless of the fact whether someone has taken the final exam through a school/college or privately.

Do I need to get an Equivalence certificate from the IBCC?

Candidates who have either completed or are in the last year of completion of their education which does not lead to Matric/FA/ICS/ICOM/FSc. will be required to get an Equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Islamabad, Pakistan.

For further information please contact:

FBISE Building, H-8/4
Do I have to send my transcript translated if it is not in English?

Yes, academic records from International universities, if not in English must be accompanied by an official English translation along with other supporting documents.

Can Admissions Office return my application documents to me?

Documents sent to the Admissions Office cannot be returned as they are for administrative purposes. Please make sure to keep a copy for your own use before sending the documents to our office.

Is it possible to transfer credits from another university to LUMS?

Yes, LUMS accepts Transfer students from accredited institutions at the Undergraduate level. Applicants interested in transfer to the LUMS Undergraduate Programmes should be enrolled in an Undergraduate Programme in an HEC recognised institution and should have completed one year or expected to complete one year before joining as a full time student. Transfer is offered twice a year before the Fall and Spring semesters respectively.

Please visit the mentioned link for detailed information.

May students who are admitted defer enrollment to another year?

No, attending the first semester at LUMS is compulsory and deferment is not an option for the Undergraduates.

When do application decisions become available?

All admission decisions taken by the University are final. During the admission evaluation process, some applicants are admitted, some are placed on a waiting list and the remaining applicants are denied admission. Acceptances are offered between April to July. For this reason, your admission decision may arrive at a different time from a friend or classmate.

Is it possible to apply after the deadline? What is the late application policy?

Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline. There is no late application policy.

May I appeal my admission decision or ask to have the decision explained?

The admission process is a well deliberated and thorough process. Each year we receive a large number of outstanding applications. Unfortunately, not all of them qualify because of the limited number of available seats. The decision regarding admission is final.

If your application is unsuccessful you will also receive a letter informing you of this. Due to the volume of applications the University receives, it is not possible to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Graduates - Admissions Test
Is there a test to apply for LUMS Undergraduate Admissions

LUMS Admission requirements are updated every year and information is made available to applicants about which test they will be required to take.

What is the SAT?

SAT stands for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a standardized test offered by the American Testing Authority called College Board for students of 12th Grade or Equivalent. For more information, you can visit the following website:

Can we appear in any other aptitude test for admission to LUMS Undergraduate Programmes

For details on Admission testing requirements, please visit the following link:

What subjects are tested in the SAT with Essay?

The SAT tests a student’s English and Mathematics skills.

What is the duration of the SAT with Essay?

The SAT with Essay is a 3 hour 50-minute exam (including an optional essay which takes 50 minutes), consisting of five sections: Reading, Writing, Math (with calculator), Math (no calculator), and Essay (optional). However, for admission to LUMS students have to opt for SAT with Essay.

Are there any breaks between the Test?

Yes, the breaks are usually in between different sections There is one 10-minute and one five-minute break during the test, these are the only times you can eat and drink.

What stationary is required on the test day?

Passport is compulsory for the SAT test without which you won't be allowed to sit for the test. Moreover, a calculator and 2b pencil are required.

Graduates - LUMS Online Admission Application
How does the admission process proceed after the Summer Coaching Session?

After getting short-listed on the basis of their performance in the Summer Coaching Session, these students are registered for SAT. Test Registration and application forms for the Undergraduate Programmes are provided free of cost. These students are also required to select the requirement for Financial Aid option in the application. After the Application Submission and Test registration these NOP applicants are required to appear in the SAT. Finally, the NOP applicants who are offered admission at LUMS are interviewed by the NOP Committee in order to conduct a personality assessment and financial aid review. 

What is the process of filling out the online admission application?

For detailed information, please visit 

Do I need to apply for Financial Aid in my online admission application?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary for state that yes they require financial assistance within the online admission application if they want to be considered for the award of scholarship. Once Admission is granted to an applicant, then their Financial Aid request will be processed 

Who can I get in touch with in case I have queries related to the Online Admission Application?

You can write to if you have any queries related to the Online Admission Application.