How to Apply for Admission

Applicants must read the minimum eligibility criteria of admission stated at the LUMS website to confirm their eligibility for the application submission before start applying for admission.

Steps to apply through the LUMS Online Admissions

  • Create an account with the LUMS Online Admissions;
  • Select the Degree Programme you intend to apply for;
  • Submit the Admission Form by the due date;
  • Upload scanned copies of all supporting documents according to the Document Checklist by the due date;
  • Make the payment of an appropriate Application and Test Registration Fee (if applicable) by the due date; and
  • Referees/Evaluators are required to submit Teacher’s Evaluations/Letters of Recommendation of applicants by the due date.  

Account creation:

  • Applicants who have created their account(s) with the LUMS Online Admissions during the last two years, do not need to create another one this year. They can apply for the Fall 2024 admissions using the same account. Such applicants need to use last year's credentials, i.e. Username and Password to access their account.
  • To create a new application account Applicants can access the LUMS Online Admission system Instructions to create an account are available at the upper right corner of the Account Creation page.
  • Applications for various degree Programmes can be accessed through a single account. It is advised to create only ONE ACCOUNT for the online application submission. The account applicants create with the LUMS Online Admissions now can be used for future application(s) as well.
  • On creating an account with the LUMS Online Admissions, applicants will receive an email for verification purpose.
  • After the verification, applicants will be able to access the LUMS Online Admission application using the credentials they have entered as the Username & Password.
  • Applicants are advised to note down your sign in detail after creating their account i.e. the Username and Password information and do not share this with anyone else. They will need these to re-enter the system.

Selection of a Degree Programme

Applicants need to select a Degree Programme of their choice to start applying for the Fall 2024 admissions.

Submission of the complete application:

In order to complete the Application Form, applicants must complete the following steps:

  • Applicants are required to carefully read the instructions given at the upper right side of each section. All fields marked with “*” are mandatory
  • Applicants are required to fill out complete and correct information in each section of the Application Form; applicants may do so in multiple sessions. The status bar shows the overall completion of the Application Form;
  • Applicants who want to apply for the Financial Aid, need to indicate their intention to be considered for LUMS support by choosing an appropriate option in the Financial Aid section of the Biographical section. Only applicants who have indicated their intention to apply for LUMS Financial Aid (through this Online Admission Application Form) will be considered for Financial Aid when offered admissions.
  • Applicants are required to submit their Application Form after rechecking complete information by the stipulated deadlines.

Upload scanned copies of all the supporting document

Applicants are required to scan and upload legible copies of all required supporting documents by the given deadline according to the Document Checklist available after the submission of the Application Form by the stipulated deadlines.

Make the payment of an appropriate Fee

Applicants are required to download the system generated Fee voucher and make a payment for the Application Processing and LUMS Test Registration Fee (if applicable) on or before the deadline mentioned in the voucher.

Submit Teacher’s Evaluations/Letters of Recommendation

At least two Teacher's Evaluations/Letters of Recommendation should be submitted by the Referees on or before the given deadline.


  • LUMS will NOT consider applications that are incomplete or are missing the required documents or have not been submitted by the stipulated deadline.
  • Applications will be processed based on the information provided by the applicants through the Online Application Form so please ensure that you fill out complete information carefully.
  • The preferred method of communication with the Office of Admissions regarding all enquiries is through the Ask Admissions link provided at the upper right corner of your application. You should hear from us within two (2) working days.