Dr Khan is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Senior Member IEEE, founding member of LUMS Energy Institute and the Director of Energy and Power Systems Lab at LUMS. He received his BSc in Electronic Engineering from GIKI, Pakistan and his MS and PhD in EE from University of Manchester, UK in 2006 and 2010, respectively.

His current work includes research and development of novel grid architectures for sustainable decentralized rural electrification using solar energy. He is also working on the uptake of solar PV in rural and urban settings with policy focus on key parameters affecting the uptake. He is also an expert on performance ratio maximization for grid-tied solar PV systems in urban settings and has extensive experience on the reliability and financial modelling of these systems. Dr Khan also focusses on drivers changing the conventional grid with focus on storage based systems and EVs to develop evidence-based policy making for disruptive technologies in the evolving utility grid.

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