Nauman Ahmad Zaffar received his BS (1990) and MS (1991) in Electrical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania. He then continued his work at the Electro-Optic / Magneto-Optic Labs at the University on development of a high resolution frequency swept microwave diversity imaging system in multiple simultaneous bands from 2GHz-60GHz. He joined University of Engineering and Technology in 1994 where he worked till 2000 as Assistant Professor in the department of Electrical Engineering.

He then left UET to has worked as Vice President and Head of Professional Services at Techlogix Pakistan Pvt. Limited where he has been associated with Software Solution Services and Design for 10 years in Pakistan, UAE, China and USA. His areas of work include understanding business needs, proposing and designing solutions and carrying out development, rollout and support lifecycle of the solutions in the domains of Electric Utiities, Telecom and Manufacturing. He has worked with Techlogix to establish and extend practice areas of Business Process Management, ERP implementation, Enterprise Architecture and Software Product Engineering.

He joined LUMS School of Science and Engineering in 2010 as full-time faculty member in the department of Electrical Engineering. He is part of LUMS Energy Optimization Committee and is working on establishing a research base at SSE in the area of Power Electronics, Smart Grids and Renewable Energy. His current areas of interest include dc/dc converters for Solar PV applications, dc/ac inverters for grid-tie distributed energy sources and VFDs for industrial, off-grid and automotive applications. He has also worked with PEPCo and various Distribution Companies in Pakistan to propose solutions for Power Distribution management and smart solutions for load management.

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