Ph.D., University of Virginia 

Research Interests
I am an Associate Professor of Religion at LUMS. My research interests include philosophy of religion, hermeneutics, semiotics, and modern Islamic thought. I am currently working on a series of articles on early 20th century South Asian Muslim modernist thought. These articles explore modernist thought as a site that imagines the world as broken and in need of suturing. I pay particular attention to conceptions of personhood, religion, and science constructed in such thought.  

My current teaching work is focused on theories and methods in religious studies and topics within philosophy of religion. My current course offerings include REL 212 "Religion after Modernity"; REL 210 "Text, Performance, and Religion"; REL 315 "Religion and Existentialism"; REL 313 "Rationality and Tradition"; REL 412 "Religion, Ethics, and Pragmatism." 

God, Science, and Self: Muhammad Iqbal's Reconstruction of Religious Thought  (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2021)
Podcast on God, Science, and Self  for The New Books Network
CBC's Ideas Documentary on Muhammad Iqbal, featuring analyses from the monograph.