Antonio Marasco joined LUMS as an Assistant Professor in August 2006. Prior to joining LUMS, he had a one-year teaching appointment in Atilim University, Ankara. From 1990 to 1994 he was employed in the insurance sector at Lloyd Adriatico of Trieste. He has been a teaching assistant at the University College, London and a visiting instructor at Bilkent University, Ankara and at Bond University, Australia. His teaching interests are in macroeconomics, growth theories, and international trade. His research interests are in FDI, international trade and growth. In particular, they focus on welfare gains of foreign direct investment and trade; foreign direct investment and income inequality as possible determinants of technological progress, economic development and growth; the relationship between financial integration and growth. Antonio’s research has been published in, among others, Open Economies Review and Applied Economics and he has been referee for these and many other international journals.

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